formula vee racing in Kirkistown, Northern Ireland

About Horan racing

Mark grew up on a farm near a town called Gorey, Co.Wexford in the South East of Ireland, growing up on a farm allowed me to learn how to drive from an early age compared to most people, driving tractors, 4×4’s, ATV’s anything with wheels basically.  I would always find myself pushing the vehicle to the limit and trying to go faster.

I remember watching F1 growing up thinking how cool it was and how id like to race cars, many years later the opportunity arose when I went to a race meeting at Irelands race track Mondello Park, Formula vee racing on that day and after a few enquires I realized it was quite affordable compared to many other motor sport classes, within a few months I had bought an old chassis and striped it down and repainted and rebuilt it.

In the first year racing I came second in the rookie class losing out to a much more powerful car, so for my second year I decided to get a more powerful car.

In the second year I won the B championship and the Northern Ireland championship, the following two years I finished in the top 10 in the Championship before the GFC hit Ireland and I had to stop racing to save money.

In 2011 I arrived in Western Australia, Still with the urge to race trying to stay away from the track as I knew it would make me crave for it more, just over 4 years later in 2016 the opportunity to race Formula Vee in Australia came about when I watched a couple of races and after a quick search on the FVWA website a suitable car was for sale.
Being a FIFO(Fly in fly out) worker means I don’t get back Perth to race in all the rounds of the championship, but when I do I’m challenging for race wins.


formula vee No.22 racing in Barbagallo, Western Australia